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Pearls rank right up there with milk and babies’ bottoms. Who wouldn’t want their face to resemble the rare, lustrous beads of the sea? Pearls’ complexion connection is more than symbolic. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have long advocated ingesting the marine treasures in pulverized form, not only for better looks, but for everything from tuberculosis to eye disease to sexual dysfunction.

The elements that make pearls luminous and strong, do the same for your skin and body. The beads are High in calcium yet do not cause calcification like store bought calcium; Pearls also contain magnesium, amino acids, 17 proteins, and trace minerals, a lot of things women are deficient in. It also has a calming effect, and a wonderful tool to use when you feel weak or depleted.

There is profound Scientific Evidence on the health and beauty benefits of Pearl Powder: In 2004, science discovered the The DNA involved in the creation of pearl is nearly identical to the part of the human DNA that is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body. In other words, Humans share a deep-rooted kinship with pearl, all the way down to the DNA level. Studies show that pearl powder slows down and even reverse age-related damage for enhanced quality of life.

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